Aerostich Titanium Tar Arn - Dirt Rider Magazine

When you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, having the equipment to successfully change it is fantastic. Carrying that equipment while you ride is a pain in the back or butt-literally.The crew at Aerostich is made up of serious riders, and they make stuff to get the job done in the field. The latest is a compact set of titanium tire levers (can't call them "irons," I guess) called Tar Arns. The shape is largely flat with a hooked end and a rounded flat end. All of the edges are rounded, and a groove is cut slightly back from the flat end.In all, these are excellent tire tools for trailside changes, and they are like half the weight of steel irons. I did bend one a little on a 100/90-19 tire-the hardest ones to change with such a short, stiff sidewall. That wouldn't stop me from buying them, though. They do work well. For me personally, the $77 per pair price would send me looking elsewhere, but if you are really looking to reduce weight in your pack, these are a solid option. -Karel