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Leo Vince
KLX450 X3 94-Decibel Enduro Sport Full-Titanium System With Carbon End-Cap
When you spend $899 for an exhaust system, you'd better be getting something that works on all accounts. And with the Leo Vince X3 for the Kawasaki KLX450R, you do.First, the quality and workmanship of the pipe is as good as it gets. The titanium is high quality, the welds are flawless, the carbon is trick and light and everything is put together top-notch. Plus, it's lighter than stock systems and fits perfectly. Our bike did not require rejetting.The next point, and a big one, is the power. Did it give the bike more power? It wouldn't take a dyno to show you the boost the KLX got, especially on the low-end and then into the midrange. It comes on just smoother than stock with a lot more grunt and torque while sounding like a proper motorcycle. It pulls all the way through the power spread. On top I'll bet the improvements are not nearly what they sound like they are; but it pulls plenty hard upstairs.The Kawasaki is louder now, but the sound output is responsible. The pipe measures at 91-92 db.As for durability, I've had Leo Vince pipes on a few MX bikes and on my trusty XR650R for over three years now with no issues whatsoever.The packing has lasted an amazingly long time on my XR that gets ridden wide-open for extended periods; that is a test of the muffler's internals.If there is anything we can complain about it would be that the carbon end tip can break easier than a stainless or aluminum one and it costs $78 to replace. The muffler, like the stock one, uses some mechanical sound damping and can become quite hot, but you aren't supposed to touch it anyway. The X3 comes with the spark arrestor insert and sound tip installed, and there's a secondary non-S/A insert included with the pipe. You can run it with the tip out if you're at a track. We never felt the need.Overall we're really stoked on the Leo Vince system. It's a sensible way to boost power, give your bike some bling and be responsible at the same time. If you're looking for a cost-conscious price, the stainless/aluminum version retails for $569. -Jimmy Lewis