AXO MX Socks - Dirt Rider Magazine

Who cares how MX socks look? You never see them, right? AXO offers socks in wild, fun prints for kids and adults for $12.99. The materials aren't really special, but the 70 percent acrylic/20 percent nylon/10 percent spandex mix was chosen to fit the foot better. In actual use that choice seems a good one. The AXO sock stays snug, and the elastic was still good when the heel wore through on one pair, and it took more than a year to wear out the pair. In addition to the rather mild print shown, there is plaid, one with scary bones and numerous others from which to choose. The patterns change often and some sell out quick, so keep an eye on the AXO website. Thirteen bucks to add a fresh look to your gear bag and cheer up your day is a bargain. After all, you're only as comfortable as your feet are. -Karel Kramer