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Duke Video
2008 World Indoor And Outdoor Trials

This is a hard DVD set to rate. Visually, both discs are packed with action of riders involved in nonstop feats that you'd swear are impossible on a motorcycle. There is plenty in these two discs to give you a true appreciation for the skills of the top championship contenders.For one race indoors the video quality is a bit weak, but there is an on-screen apology for that. For the rest of the indoors and the outdoors series, the videography is excellent. There are a couple of problems, though.The price is $32.95, which works out to less than five bucks an hour. For those of you quick with math, that's right-over seven hours! Actually, it's 427 minutes. Sitting through the entire indoor or outdoor series is a chore. On the other hand, I'm not sure what I would cut, since I found it difficult to fast-forward. The action looks even more frightening when moving faster.It may have taken me a long time to watch the entire length, but not one riding buddy has come to my house and not been shown parts of the discs. The action is that amazing. I loved all of the riding footage, but the best was of indoor sections that are designed for head-to-head races through identical sections.Overall, I would say buy this one. Really, you aren't risking much. Duke Video has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and you can return it for a replacement or a refund in the first 30 days. After watching the video straight through that leaves you 29 days to ponder. **-Karel Kramer