Trail Tech YZ Kickstand - Dirt Rider Magazine

Modern off-road bikes have light, tucked-in and reliable stands, but what if you're riding a motocrosser? Trail Tech has a great option for $99.95. I imagine that all of the TT stands use the same leg that looks like a cross between a new WR and a KTM (a good choice of models to draw from) but have different mounts. The chrome-moly mounting brackets are designed to attach to existing points on the machine. On the 2009 Yamaha YZ450F the kickstand bracket replaces the stock footpeg bracket on the left side. It's a really nice part, but of course it requires removing the footpeg (no problem) as well as the footpeg bracket. The bracket is mounted with large Allen bolts drenched in marriage Loctite (till death do you part). Actually, warming the bolts with a heat gun ensures they come out. The TT bracket uses the stock footpeg bolts. The fit of the peg appears too tight, but before you break out the grinder, remember this: The peg slides into the top of the bracket. It won't push in from the front. You must also hook up the kickstand spring, and that takes some effort and a good spring hook.Once the stand is on, it tucks up nicely out of the way, it never flops around while riding and it does a good job holding the bike up on any firm surface. Don't think it will hold you up while you kick the bike, though. For the first few rides the stand was great. I felt the stand once in a while with my heel, but that presented no problem. Then, suddenly, the stand was rubbing oh-so-slightly on the swingarm, so I can only guess I bent the bracket somehow, since it didn't happen when the stand was new. None of these observations lessened my estimation of the stand. It is a quality part that does what it says it will. But if something about the stand bothers you after the purchase, rest assured. Trail Tech claims you can return it for a refund if you aren't happy with it, and the company offers spare parts, so you needn't replace the entire stand if you damage one part. Nice.** --Karel Kramer**