Throttle Entertainment "Tougher Than Iron: The Enduro At Erzberg" - Dirt Rider Magazine

I've always been fascinated with the Erzberg Rodeo. After all, how do you really explain punishing yourself past the point of collapse while simultaneously ruining a $6000-plus motorcycle? Thanks to Throttle Entertainment, the new Tougher Than Iron DVD brings fans like me closer than we've ever been to that torturous iron mine in Central Austria.Shot in high-definition with breathtaking cinematography, Tougher Than Iron follows top racers Taddy Blazusiak, Cyril Despres, Geoff Aaron, Chris Birch and others as they race to conquer the near-impossible hard enduro. Narrated by the one and only Jerry Bernardo, this video is more than a race report; it's a well-done documentation of the sheer difficulty that racers face at Erzberg.Highlights include a revealing topographical diagram and timeline of the course, with footage of the best-and possibly worst-riders struggling to complete each section, along with some gritty views of some of the nastiest obstacles imaginable.With a 60-minute duration and an additional 20 minutes of bonus footage, Tougher Than Iron is a solid length, but it will leave some of us drooling for more. Personally, I'm already shopping for a plane ticket to Europe next spring!
-Chris Denison