Thor Impact Rig Chest Protector - Dirt Rider Magazine

I'm always on the lookout for the perfect chest protector. I don't like the feel of the classic "clamshell" over-the-jersey style, but I also never want to find myself injured wondering if I'd skimped on protection. I thought my only desire was a product that provided better impact absorbing/dispersing qualities, could be worn under the jersey and was comfortable. Protection that's comfortable soon makes riding without it uncomfortable. Go take a lap without your boots on if you don't get what I'm saying.The $104.95 Thor Impact Rig protector met all of my previous requirements but pointed out another I wasn't considering-heat. Most protectors I've tried flow air pretty well, but this thing made me feel like a wrestler in one of those "sweat suits" trying to make weight. It's the only major strike I have against wearing this.The Impact Rig's all-one-piece integrated design hugs you tautly and gives a sense of security that actually leads to a little boost of confidence. The plastic pieces are tough, and the removable, articulated back protec-tion is burly without being at all restrictive. Three sizes cover the range from S to XXXL. I am 5 feet 10 inches, 160 pounds and ran the S/M, and the ground never looked so soft.The inner material is irritating on bare skin after a short while, so to feel perfectly comfortable wear an undershirt top like EVS's Tug between it and your body. This rig does a good job of not looking bulky under the jersey.If the mercury isn't high and you have an undershirt top, you'll soon feel more comfortable with this protector on than with it off. My low comfort score for this product is based on heat and skin irritation; the functional feel is really great. -Pete Peterson