Ocelot Racing MX Super Package - Dirt Rider Magazine

If I told you that you could be outfitted in a complete set of gear for $260, including a gear bag to carry it all, you'd think I was nuts. Well, I was pretty suspicious of gear that could be had for this price, too, so I went ahead and ordered a set. Who cares about reputations?Go ahead and judge me by the gear I wear. I got a gear bag, boots, pants, socks, kneepads, a jersey, gloves, a chest protector, a D.O.T. approved helmet and a Scott goggle. I'm dressed head to toe.Now, I'm not going to get into a style debate against designer brands--in fact, I actually like the design and look of the Ocelot pant--all that is in the eye of the beholder. My inspection found stuff that was built tough enough for me to wear and looked like it would last for at least as long as other economy or mid-priced gear. I've had high-dollar gear last only a few rides, so this was worth testing.My complaints are limited. The chest protector is very flat and took a while to bend to the shape of my torso; I could have attached it to a tree to help break it in. The boots were initially very stiff in the sole and carefully setting the buckles was critical to stop them from pinching, but after two days of riding they were fitting great, though still pinching a bit above the ankle. The kneepads were a little skimpy on the protection scale compared to what I'm used to. I like a little more padding on the sides, but the frontal protection of these was OK. The goggles were easy to fog, which quickly reminded me of how spoiled I've become with no-fog lenses.Some stuff I liked was the simple and functional cut of the pant, and its light weight. The gloves have a great fit and as good of a feel and performance as any I've ever worn. The socks were nice and stayed soft after a few wash cycles. The helmet fit was a little snug in my usual medium size, so I opted for a large. The graphic wasn't that bad for a $49.99 (yes, $49.99!) helmet. The gear bag is about as generic as they come; nothing fancy and it looks and feels as if it will last about a year at best with my typical abuse. Its simplicity makes it light and roomy, something the expensive wheeled bags are not.After a few days of riding in the complete set of gear and a few more days with selected items I liked (pants, socks and gloves, plus the jersey is like any other to me), I can tell you there is a real place for gear like this. It isn't exotic but 100 percent functional. The only nick was a small tear in the knee from a sharp branch, which would have happened to almost anything I would be wearing. It's a perfect match for someone who is just starting out and is wary of spending a ton of cash on gear yet wants to have a complete set. There are plenty of younger riders who are strapped for cash and struggling with the image-to-dollar ratio of what they can afford. And then there are us cheapskates who are looking for the maximum bang for the buck. If I were paying for gear, I could easily be wearing something just like this with only a better knee cup. Available in a few colors and with sizes for youth and adult, all the gear is available separately and in various package configurations.
--Jimmy Lewis