FMF Racing Roost Guards - Dirt Rider Magazine

I suppose there aren't many riders who have had a finger broken by roost on a motocross track. Alas, I can make that claim.I have friends who are totally tough (or lazy) and manly (or cheap), and they ride without any hand protection. I'm totally not in that group. I don't want my digits damaged, so I run hand guards whenever I ride. As often as we ride new bikes, getting plastic between my fingers and potential hazards is a never-ending task. FMF makes it easier, though.FMF's Roost Guards consist of a molded cover and a two-piece aluminum clamp system. The mount inserts into a socket cast in the back of the guard, and a single bolt fastens it. The clamps attach to the bar with the arm under the bar.The guards assemble and go on the bike in a flash. No flag-type roost guard is stronger than light weeds and brush (or roost), but the FMF units are plenty tough. They come in tasteful colors, mount in seconds and look good. Best of all, they only cost $33! Even my cheap friends pretending to be manly will run 'em at that price.
-Karel Kramer