Dragon Vendetta Goggle - Dirt Rider Magazine

As a contact lens wearer, I am obsessed with goggles. When I ride I don't blink nearly enough, so any "wind" over my eyes will quickly dry my contacts and they'll pop out. At the same time, poor venting will let the goggles fog-somewhere in the air circulation balance is the point where I can see when I ride.When I first looked at these Dragon goggles ($60-$70), I knew the style was not for me. They're very "freestyle looking" and, honestly, I felt like a poser pulling these on and rolling jumps-not just the doubles, I often roll tabletops. I almost wanted these goggles not to be contact lens-friendly, but they turned out to be the best goggles I've ever worn.I haven't gotten them to fog, and I've had zero contact lens issues since trying them. The foam in the frame is thick enough to let air in while-here it comes-breaking wind. I tried these in four different helmets, and the results were always the same-perfect airflow for my needs, a great fit against my face so no dust or debris could enter-and I've even accepted their too-cool-for-me styling.The lenses are "lightly mirrored," if that makes sense. And like most mirrored lenses I've tried, the coating "pits" off. These have held up well, and the pits are few and very small ones. One warning: The lenses are especially difficult to put back into the frame if you take them out to clean or swap them.Overall, the foam is holding up, the strap is still like new, and after about a dozen rides in these things there's going to have to be a good reason for me to try another goggle.I'd love to slip a last cheesy pun in here and give these eye protectors a 20/20 rating, but our "Function" scale is on a 50-point spread.Check out Dragon's website for numerous themed styles that rotate occasionally. -Pete Peterson