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Helmet Impact Sensor

Did you know that even if a helmet looks fine after a crash, it might be damaged to a point well beyond failure? Shok-SpotR knows, which is why it has created a helmet impact sensor. The calibrated device simply sticks onto the back of your lid, and the sight window activates (turns red) if a significant impact that has reduced your helmet's effectiveness has occurred.I stuck a Shok-SpotR onto my most used lid, and quite a few hard races and minor crashes failed to accidentally activate it. Satisfied with this, I performed a Myth Busters-like test, putting a gallon jug of water (a rough equivalent to an 8-pound head) inside of an old Shok-SpotR-equipped helmet and dropping it from 6-inch increments onto the ground. After several drops, the plunge from 611/42 feet finally activated the sensor. Suffice it to say, had a head been inside of the helmet for this impact, the wearer would have been asking the same questions again and again. While the act of dropping a water-jugged helmet on the ground isn't an accurate gauge as to the impact sensor's capabilities, the unit didn't break or fall off, and it didn't fail to activate, either. Personally, it brings me some extra peace of mind knowing there is a working warning in place to keep track of my helmet's effectiveness. And at only $24.95, you can bet your ass I will be running a Shok-SpotR from now on. -Chris Denison