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PowerSeal USA
Cylinder Repair

I got a free bike. Yep, but the 1989 CR125R's cylinder was thrashed from a broken piston. I chose the repair and replating route with PowerSeal USA. All I had to do was buy a new stock piston and send it in with my cylinder. Turnaround time was two weeks-not bad since I timed my repair with peak snowmobile-fixing season. Since the ring had chewed the upper exhaust port, additional welding was required before the cylinder could be recoated. The total cost was $165 for the recoating, $50 for the welding and about $10 in shipping. When I opened the box, I couldn't believe it was the same cylinder I'd sent in. It was perfect. All the studs and the entire power-valve assembly dropped back in cleanly, and the piston clearances were just like new.The bike now performs just like a fresh bike, and after I put some hours on the motor, a visual inspection into the exhaust port confirmed that the cylinder wall looked perfect. I highly recommend PowerSeal, especially after comparing the cost of older cylinders (if they are still available) and seeing how much cash you can save by replating a thrashed cylinder. -Jimmy Lewis