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Race Tech
Graduated Cylinder

Most of the new sealed-cartridge-type forks don't have any way to measure the oil level. You must set the outer chamber volume by draining and refilling it with the proper quantity. The volume needs to be precise. The proper tool to measure the correct volume is a graduated cylinder. The problem is locating a source to buy one large enough. Race Tech now sells an unbreakable unit with fine graduations and enough volume to fill a fork chamber in one shot. It would be nice to have graduations that would more easily measure volumes that fall between the set increments of 5cc/ml. Otherwise, this is a tool that is super-easy to fill, accurate while pouring and simple enough to clean. I used a permanent marker to darken the lines and numbers to make them easier to see. If you plan to work on your own fork, this is a great tool to own for 20 bucks! -Karel Kramer