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Suspension Service

I had Pro-Action revalve and respring the suspension on the 2004 Suzuki RM250 I've owned for a year. Since the stock suspension was too stiff for my 150 pounds, I had serious issues with the fork jerking out of my hands and the rear end swapping out. It was getting to the point where I wasn't feeling safe.I contacted Pro-Action and told them exactly what was going on with my bike and that I wanted more plushness in the setup but needed to keep some bottoming resistance to help on my not-so-clean landings.After a fairly short turnaround time, I was back in business with my new suspension. Shock action is very sweet, and the bike tracks straight through the nastiest sections. The back end rarely swaps out, and after two months of riding and racing, I've yet to get close to crashing or feeling uncomfortable because of the rear.The fork action is plush in all but the squarest of bumps. Even when hitting small, choppy stuff, it acts controlled and the bar never feels like it is going to get jerked out of my hands. I was pleasantly surprised to find that bottoming resistance isn't compromised at all-in fact, it's enhanced. On one occasion, I missed the landing of a jump by some 15 feet and got a long look at the scenery and time to think about how bad it was going to hurt.Surprisingly, two other benefits have surfaced. First, my bike shifts easier going through large acceleration bumps due to the fact the shock is working properly and keeping traction (and load on the motor) consistent. The overall increase in traction is even notable on concrete starting pads.The total price was $845 including revalving, springs, new seals, bushings and a shock piston.Overall my experience with Pro-Action, from the national office to the local Utah shop, has been pleasant and the customer service has been top-notch. Before I had Pro-Action set up my suspension, I used to think about getting it done all the time. Now all I think about is having fun on my motorcycle!

Real Rider Tested
Name: Mike Christopherson
Ht: 5'9"
Wt: 150 lb
Ability: Vet A
Location: Ogden, UT