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Powersport Grafx
Preprinted Number Plate Backgrounds

We go through a lot of number plate backgrounds, and personally, I hate applying them. But my past few experiences with PG backgrounds have been relatively painless. Even on the tricky CRF250R and its dual curved side number plates it was as seamless as could be expected. The stickers are a bit thinner than average backgrounds and therefore, when following the "preferred" instructions, are simple to line up and manipulate. With a little heat from a hair dryer I was able to finish them without wrinkles! Once applied, they resist lifting off the sidepanels better than any other I've used and actually wear through on high-contact points rather than coming unstuck. The fit, style (we've been using the BoLDZ, which include names and/or sponsor logos) and turnaround have all been top-notch in my book-and reasonably priced at $59.95-$69.95. -Jimmy Lewis