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Power Clean

Dude! This stuff cuts grease better than Palmolive on three-day-old lasagna. Spray-spray and voila!-pipe scum wipes away without streaking. Squirt-squirt and baked-on dirt comes off of cases. Old sticker and graphic gum on number plates can't even stop this $6.95 500ml bottle of cleaning stuff. Seriously though, this stuff works really well. I used it to remove the leftover glue on my number plates after peeling off those cheap preprinted paper numbers that you get at some races. You know the ones, they leave all of the glue and most of the paper behind; it worked better than anything I've tried. And getting two-stroke pipe ooze off my number plates and swingarm was a piece of pie. I pretty much cleaned all of the gunk off of my pretty gunky bike with about two-thirds of a bottle, including all of those nasty number plates. Plus, it has a inoffensive odor, almost like you could use it after heating up the stink-house. It's tough on grease, but I don't know if it is easy on hands. It does what the name says though: Power Clean! -Derek Steahly