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SC03 Knee Protectors

There are knee braces and there are knee cups. These $59 EVS pads fall into the category of the former for the times I prefer less protective and more agile knee protection. Based on a neoprene shell with polyethylene hard pieces sewn in, they have four hook-and-loop straps to tighten everything down. Once on, you hardly feel anything, and though the plastic protective pieces seem as if they are very small, they manage to do a great job of protecting your kneecaps. Ditto for the much larger shin plate. On the fit side, the medium seemed a little small for my normally medium-sized leg, and the large was really large and loose on what should be a snugger fit. And since the pad is wraparound neoprene, it is warm-great for the winter but a tad toasty for the hot summer. So as you can guess, these are my winter knee pads, or my anytime-minibiking pads when I'm running shorts. -Jimmy Lewis