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PC Racing
FLO X Air Filter System

Cleaning air filters is the dirty job we all hate to do. And if a company can make the terrible chore easier, we're definitely buying. Well, PC Racing has been sort of a pioneer in this game with its ingenious Filterskins. Like a nylon bootie slipped over a standard air filter, Filterskins essentially give your air filter a tear off layer. Filterskins make between-moto filter changes a breeze, and they've become standard equipment on a lot of professional off-road races and trips to the sand dunes. Now, PC Racing has taken the Filterskin one step further with its new FLO X air filter. The FLO X filter kit consists of a solid, dual-stage standard air filter and a pair of coarse-foam Filterskins. Just like the nylon-type Filterskins, these heavier, coarser layers are oiled the same as your main filter and then slipped on in the airbox. With two skins and one filter, the kit really gives you three filter changes in one, all of which can be done without touching the wing nut on Japanese bikes (KTM owners will still have to move the spring bar, but hey, KTMs are easy to access anyway!). I tested these over a long moto weekend, and I'm very stoked on the way they work. I oiled all the components with my favorite bio-friendly products and installed a filter and skin in my KTM 250 SX-F Long Haul bike. I stashed the extra skin in a sealed bag and hit the track. The first day I tested these was an open practice day. When the day was done, I peeled off the Filterskin and was immediately ready to ride again. The next day was a race day. I ran a whole set of motos in the morning, peeled off the second Filterskin and ran my second set of motos with a seemingly brand-new filter even though it'd been in my bike for two days! It was incredibly easy. The FLO Filter's Filterskins are also easy to store since they're about a fifth of the size of a standard filter. Think about it: These take the same amount of time to clean and oil as a standard filter, but you get three filter changes out of them. The $24.95 setup has officially taken residence in my Long Haul test bike, and you can bet they'll be on board whatever I ride on winter trips through Baja or during some of Jimmy's infamous "half-day" rides. -Jesse Ziegler