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DB Snorkel

Dirt Rider has taken a strong stand on the noise issue, and we are always looking for better solutions. The dB Snorkel is just that: a fresh idea in quieting down two-strokes. It is simple, effective and retails at a very reasonable $85. The biggest drawback to the dB Snorkel could be its looks, but if it bugs you when you ride, the bigger problem is you looking at your muffler instead of the trail. Its conspicuous appearance is also a great way to kick off a conversation about sound issues. But we'll dock it for fashion, on principal.The instructions are huge, like blueprints for a house, but they are easy to follow. Install time will range from 30 minutes to an hour. The trick is to get the snorkel's hard parts to clear the brake caliper and attach securely to the muffler; this process was simple on our FMF Q. It fits on the end of most two-stroke mufflers with a circumference close to 971/48 inches and seals securely with a series of hose clamps and brackets.With the help of DR friend Charlie Williams and his KTM 300 EXC, which sounded in at 94 decibels with fresh silencer packing, we bolted up a dB Snorkel; his bike now tests at 82.3 decibels. On our KTM 200 EXC, we went from 92 decibels down to an astonishing 78 decibels. These bikes were so quiet that you do not actually hear the exhaust note any longer but rather the growl of the intake and the tinging inside the expansion chamber. Having a pipe shield damps the noise even further.So it has to kill performance right? Well, in actuality, you can't even feel a difference in normal trail-riding situations, and this was a big surprise. Even when holding the bike wide-open for some long runs on roads, it was hardly noticeable, and it withstood all the abuse we put it through. Although it weighs in at 2 pounds, you hardly feel it was there while riding the bike. It has the added benefit of making it really hard for water to enter the muffler. Some goop will accumulate on the Snorkel, but it wipes right off with degreaser.Right now, the dB Snorkel is only recommended for two-strokes. The manufacturer has not done enough testing on four-stroke bikes, whose exhaust is hotter (and louder-we really need it for these!) than a two-stroke's. Hopefully the company will have a unit for them out soon. -Jimmy Lewis