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Plastic Kits

Acerbis offers Yamaha complete plastic kits in stock blue and other colors. The kit comes with fenders, shrouds and all three number panels-more than enough to make a tattered bike look new. Our YZ250F wasn't rough, but I wanted it to look different, so I ordered the kit in white for $129.95 ( lists the stock parts at $153.52). The Acerbis parts take more fussing to mount up than the stock pieces. No cutting was required, but I did open up some holes. Once on, the parts look like a factory fit, with no odd gaps or misalignments. With white and 1989-style shroud stickers, the bike confused more than a couple of people, and that was fun. The '89 stickers don't cover much of the plastic as modern graphics do, so the finish of the plastic took the wear, but all the plastic looks fine after more than six months of riding. No serious crash testing, but all the parts are still there. I liked having a different look, and thanks to Acerbis, I know I'll do it again. -Karel Kramer