SIDI Coolmax MX Dirt Bike Socks - Gear Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Coolmax MX Socks

"Feet don't fail me now." We've all said that. After all, feet are important. Without them you fall down. This is why I take care of mine by wearing a good pair of riding socks inside my boots. The $15 Coolmax MX socks from Sidi are my new favorites. Here's why: First, they're tough. I've worn out boots in these babies, and their seams, toes and heels are still holding up-even after multiple hot-water wash cycles. Second, they're constructed with Coolmax, a moisture-wicking, blister-preventing fabric that keeps my toes as dry as possible in the sweltering conditions of a riding boot. And third, the Coolmax socks from Sidi are just the right length for use with standard knee cups and won't slide down. If you value your feet, and their comfort, try the Sidi Coolmax socks on your next ride.-Jesse Ziegler