M.U.D. Molded-Foam Dirt Bike Hand Protectors - Hard Parts Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Molded-Foam Hand Protectors

Keeping the elements off your fingers is usually just a good set of hand guards away. But when the weather turns ugly, it has always been up to the "elephant ears" to make riding that much more comfortable. Succeeding the cut-up 1-gallon milk jugs and the old MSR purpose-built ones are these $26.95 Moose Utility Division (M.U.D.) protectors. Since they are molded foam, they have the proper contour and wrap just enough for extra wind and water protection without getting in the way of the clutch or brake lever. Mounting is as simple as it gets, with a hook-and-loop strapping setup. About the only downfall is they could use a second inside strap to fasten better to the hand guard on the outer end, as the looseness is most likely due to the differences in hand guards; you should just use a zip-tie if you feel the need. These guards do a great job of protecting against the elements and keep water (from rain or wet bushes) and the cold winds off your hands. And for you camo freaks, they are available in Mossy Oak for a few bucks more. -Jimmy Lewis