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Motion Pro
Glove Boy Latex Glove

I'm a big proponent of wearing gloves while working on dirt bikes. I usually go for the cheapest ones I can find at big hardware or tool outlets. But these Glove Boy heavy-duty 14 mil latex gloves, which are 12 inches long, are at least twice the price ($16.90 for 50) of lesser gloves but are well worth the difference. They are long enough to keep liquids and junk out of the arm opening. The gloves are thick enough to protect but don't restrict finger or hand movement. Latex gloves are affected by some chemicals such as gasoline and contact cleaner. But the substantial Glove Boy material is not as easily distorted as thinner gloves. Motion Pro sells Glove Boy nitrile gloves that are chemical-resistant, but I prefer the feel of the latex gloves. I even use them while changing tires. They are great for those times when the garage is cold as well as essential for cleaning and oiling air filters. -Karel Kramer