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Smooth Industries
Bedding Set

It's not often that I test a product for six-plus hours each day for several weeks, but such was the case with the Smooth Industries bedding set. Geared toward the younger moto-nuts in the family, the set includes a comforter, sheets and pillowcase, all of which are adorned with the likenesses of Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana or Chad Reed. I also got my hands on an awesome Renthal bar pad pillow, which is available separately from the set for an extra $24.95.Installation of the $119.95 full-size bedding set is simple; everything fit like a charm. The poly/cotton blend is comfortable and durable, as no bed bugs were able to bite through during the night. The moto-inspired design is pretty neat. The comforter is functional and warm, but I do have one small complaint: Under a photo of Pastrana, the bedding states that he has "9 freestyle gold metals." For a picky guy like myself, the difference between "metals" and "medals" is big enough to lose sleep over. Sweet dreams! -Chris Denison