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Six Six One
Matrix Belt

Having never worn a kidney belt, I was intrigued when the Six Six One Matrix belt landed on my desk for me to test. Aren't these things made to hold in Vet riders' bellies? A little unsure, I threw the Matrix belt into my gear bag and slowly began trying it out. At first, I found the Matrix to be a little obstructive while riding, but with time I began to appreciate the benefits. Wearing the Matrix helped keep my organs in place during lengthy days of riding, leaving me feeling more stirred than shaken. With the extra back support, it was easier to endure the usually spine-jarring landings on my buddy's supercross track. Once I became used to it, my biggest beef with the $40 belt was the lack of venting, though the rear mesh windows do flow some air. As with almost any Six Six One product, the Matrix is well built, durable and fairly stylish. While this product didn't convert me to a die-hard kidney belt user, I plan on keeping the Matrix belt around for when I need the extra support...or for when my gut finally busts out big, whichever comes first. -Chris Denison