Renthal Grips: Soft-Compound Grips That Last

These Renthal grips are super-comfortable and a favorite of off-road riders

Dual-Compound Kevlar-Reinforced Grips

Soft-compound grips always feel great in the garage but not always on the track. They have the life expectancy of a cancerous gnat and lack glove traction. I like the ribs on the grips to act like the knobs on a tire, helping my hands and gloves grip the bar. That's why I've stuck with medium-compound grips. They have that "traction" feel I'm looking for but can be a little tough on the hands.

Now Renthal has a new Kevlar-reinforced grip that it claims is the softest grip material it has ever offered yet lasts three times longer than other soft grips. As for the life, we can't say because we've yet to wear out a pair! The material is definitely soft and comfortable. Use care when wiring on the grips, though. The safety wire cut right through the soft layer of the first pair we put on.

Even so, the $19.95 Renthal grips have shown no ill effects. The soft material hasn't torn or shredded around the cuts, and the grips have stayed firmly bonded to the bar through our summer heat. These grips are super-comfortable and are now my favorite. -Karel Kramer