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No Fear
Elektron Gear

Sitting at the top of the No Fear MX apparel line is the Elektron gear, which comes in a number of color combos including black, blue, charcoal, green, orange, red, tan, yellow and monogram. The jersey sells for $49.95, and comes with padded elbows, low-profile cuffs and a long drop-tail. For an extra $24.95, No Fear can throw on a custom name and number. The Elektron pant is designed to be lightweight and durable, with an accordion-style knee to fit over bulky knee braces. A full mesh liner and molded impact areas round off the $159.95 pant.The cut, fit and finish of the Elektron gear is top-notch. The full mesh liner on the pant is durable and super-comfortable, while the vented areas in the front breathe well. With a true 32-inch waist, I was stoked to see that sizing is accurate on the pant. Movement was excellent, and the spandex panels on the rear of the knee certainly do their duty. The jersey is soft enough to sleep in but had a thick feel that protected it from small tears and protected my skin from being chafed by my chest protector. The neck runs a little high, but it definitely isn't uncomfortable.If I were to fix the Elektron gear, I would double up on the inner-knee heat shield, as well as the accordion-front knee, both of which suffered from four-stroke exhaust headers, and overall, the legs on the pant were just a little short. On the jersey, I don't have any major complaints to speak of-other than some minor (but expected) wear on the elbows. The name and number transfers that No Fear installed on the back are still 100 percent, and despite being worn through a six-hour, two 24-hours, an amateur national and a vicious indoor pit-bike race, the Elektron gear still looks great and is holding up nicely. For being this durable, comfortable and stylish, the No Fear Elektron gear is easily worth spending your hard-earned cash on. -Chris Denison