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Kouba Link
Lowering Link

I hate to struggle with a bike that's too tall, and since I'm not 13 years old or still holding out for a growth spurt, I decided it was time to have a bike that fit.My size made my Honda CR125R a little too tall to manage comfortably. I heard about the Kouba Link from another rider and decided to give it a try. It replaces the stock linkage and lowers the rear approximately 1 to 2 inches, depending on the year and model of your bike. Kouba Link has a great website with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the linkage replacement process. It takes roughly 30 minutes to replace, with the cost for the link ranging from $70 to $150.When swapping the linkage, you will also need to lower the fork tubes. Keep in mind that lowering these tubes changes your rake and lowering them too much can damage the fender. I changed out the stock handlebar, which aided in the overall lowering, and then adjusted the sag. At this point, if you are still trying to shave some height off the bike, you can cut the seat to reach your goal height.You do have to be aware that the new link and change in the rake can affect the responsiveness in turns, so take it easy until you get a feel for the bike again. The Kouba also changes the leverage ratio placed on the shock. I haven't had any problems with responsiveness with my setup, and I noticed that at high speeds my CR gained stability. I also found that the bike was less likely to dive into whoops when I get off rhythm. I have competed in several desert races with this setup, and for me, it has been perfect.-Jenny Callahan

Real Rider Tested
Name: Jenny Callahan
Ht: 5'5"
Wt: 125 lb
Ability: Novice
Location: St. George, UT