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Cell Knee Braces

I've been wearing knee braces since I first hurt my knee in 1989 and have been saved many times, I'm sure, from further damage by this preventive measure. For the last few years I've been a big fan of the Asterisk Cell. It fit better than even my custom braces, and the kneecap protection was the best I'd found. I really had no issues with these braces...till I tried the new Asterisks.The biggest renovation, in my opinion, is the new strapping on the back of the brace. Asterisk unified the previous two attachment pads on the back into one big pad with four drawstrings to better grip the back of the leg. The revised model settles on the knee better because the new rear section cups the bending knee and holds the brace tight in a V. It is now almost impossible for the brace to slip when properly fit.Asterisk is even prouder of a new attachment that goes from the front lower bar of the brace and attaches, with a clip, to your boot. (You have to drill a small hole, install the other half of the strap-attached clip to your boot, plus cut a small hole in your pant leg.) When you do this, the boot and knee brace are united into a much more twist-resistant package, making a knee-twisting injury less likely. You really do feel the increased resistance to corkscrewing. I was skeptical till the first time my toes caught the ground. My knee is usually the first thing to yelp, "Pain!" but with the new setup, my foot got kicked off the peg instead of rotating outward. It worked. And now when I don't clip the strap, I don't feel as protected.The padding got a little help in some areas, and the attachment clips underwent a redesign, making them easier to unbuckle. A few riders who tried the brace felt some pinching or poking, but these incidents occurred under unique situations that could have been easily remedied with some additional padding or more time spent in setting up the very adjustable strapping and attachment points. Until I went back to my old braces, I didn't realize how these small improvements made the new Cell so much better. At $599 a set, it is cheaper than an MRI-and a lot more fun. It would have ranked even higher for me in our September knee brace comparison, especially in the confidence rating. -Jimmy Lewis