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DeCal Works
Application Kit

There are a lot of graphics companies, but DeCal Works is the only one that offers a kit to aid application of graphics. This is a three-part system of pump sprays. Step 1 is a sticker remover to dissolve old glue, step 2 is a mild cleaner and step 3 is a wetting agent. It keeps the sticker from adhering permanently until after it dries. You wet the panel, place the sticker and then use the supplied squeegee to work the liquid out from under the sticker. You need to wait 24 hours before riding the bike, but this kit greatly increases your chances of having a painless and successful installation. You will still have to work to get a clean install on a bulging panel, such as any four-stroke pipe side, but if you don't have much experience installing stickers, this $14.95 kit can save some misery. -Karel Kramer