Thor Force Chest Protector Review

Gear Test of the Thor Chest Protector

Usually right after my helmet comes off, I take off my chest protector. Yet I found myself not removing this Thor chest protector. Then I began paying some attention to the Force protector, including how well it fit and how it didn't rub anything too much. Its comfort seems rooted in its so-called triple-layer back-protection system. It's made up of a thick, rubbery foam along the center of the back plate that keeps the Thor chest protector riding high and away from your back or neck.

The mesh-net–suspended shoulders hold the protector up and attach with three-position– adjustable rubber straps between the back plate and front panel. There is more foam under the shoulder and a piece on the chest area. Standard clasps secure the front to the back via adjustable straps for a snug fit.The protector gets bonus points for having every plastic edge that might irritate or cut you covered. Even the small upper-arm plates, which usually get unsnapped or cut off and thrown in the trash, have been in place since day one.

The only issue I had with the Thor chest protector was the foam pad under the shoulder becoming unglued. I caught it and stuck it back on with silicone glue, also fixing other loose ones.The clear polycarbonate shell stayed clean even after being left out and tossed around in the back of my truck between rides. Only a minor glitch for fashion-conscious riders was the small screws attaching the Thor logo rusted when left wet.

Available in six color combos and sized in youth, adult and XL (for those weighing more than 200 pounds), this $130 ($100 for youth) chest protector has done everything asked of it, from damping a body blow from a handlebar to softening a back-first landing on call. The venting really works— mostly because the panels ride plenty far off your body to allow airflow. It doesn't bind or hinder movement, either. And the best part, as we said before, is you can hardly tell it's there till you need it. Other chest protector manufacturers should strive for this achievement.—