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I put the 2005 Shift Mach Gear through the ultimate torture test at the 24 Hours of Glen Helen. Yes, I wore only one set of gear during the brutal 24 hours. And yes, the gear was a little dirty and stinky afterward!The Mach jersey is polyester with sublimated graphics. To keep air circulating, the underarm areas are vented mesh and the back and sidepanels are made of a thinner vented material. The elbows and shoulders were beefed up with padding for shielding. The new jersey definitely feels different from last year's—heavier, but not in a bad way! It also has a dropped tail that helps the jersey stay tucked in. The collar fits nicely and snugly, preventing dirt from slipping underneath. For $39.95, the jersey (available in sizes S–XXL) is innovative, and it's built for thrashing. It breathes well, and the sizes are a true fit.The Mach pant's waist area fits snugly, and the belt-style ratchet closure system works smoothly with no hang-ups while a new yoke allows the waist area to flex a bit. The biggest change is in the knee area, with more room, a cupped shape and articulation allowing knee braces and knee cups to fit without any restriction. Thicker material extends life to the knee section, and a full-grain-leather inner-knee area saves the tank and shrouds. I did experience a bit of tearing, but that was caused by a high-speed crash; the handlebar caught my inner knee and poked a small hole in the stitching where the leather is sewn, but it proved repairable. The leg bottom's breathable panels help with cooling under the boot. The pant is designed with your riding position in mind and is roomy yet still offers a snug fit, and it is built for the long haul. At $139.95, the pant (available in sizes 28–40) is like a high-end tailored suit without the expense.For $29.95, the Mach glove (available in sizes 8–12) is a top-notch piece of paw protection. The updated glove uses Spandura and airprene to allow flexibility, and it is topped by mesh for cooling. The fingertips have a bigger silicone patch to help with traction on the levers; however, if you get caught in the rain, the patches work against you as they become super-slippery. Overall, the glove fits and ventilates well. It offers a light feel but gets the job done.
—Corey Neuer