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The consensus on the new Speed Equipment (SE) gear in the Vegas color scheme is that you either love it or hate it. I love the look of the gear, so I jumped to be the first in line to test it.The SE gear is among the most comfortable I've worn to date. I've had trouble with the past few sets of other brands' gear I've tried; they just didn't fit my 5-foot-8-inch frame in one area or another. This set fit me nicely and snugly in all areas. Normal pinch points in the $159 pant (available in sizes 28 through 38), including under the knee and hip areas, are not there as it flexes with the body naturally. Ventilation is excellent through the entire pant. The knees feature scooplike pockets that act as radiator shrouds and take in large amounts of air. Another nice thing is the leg bottoms' stretchy elasticized material fits knee braces a little more easily. The inner knee areas are made with very soft leather, which is good for gripping the bike and flexes well in a sitting position. The material and stitching used on the pant have a strong, high-quality feel and held up really well after several runs through the washing machine.I noticed a slight coloration discrepancy between the pant and the jersey. The pant is very vibrant in color; the fluorescents really pop against the shiny black material. But the vented jersey doesn't hold the colors nearly as well; therefore, its graphics look very weak when paired with the bright, rich hues of the pant.The $50 jersey's vented material is light and comfortable, especially around the neck and sleeves. The jersey (available in sizes S through XXL) also has good elbow padding. One of the best things about Troy Lee Designs' gear, besides the fact that it is trick, is so much attention is paid to the details. I think a lot of this can be attributed to Troy Lee's being a true rider himself.
—Joe McKimmy