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How does a company from Illinois get away with selling So-Cal gear? Does So-Cal have a meaning other than Southern California (the undisputed epicenter of the motocross universe, or MX T-shirts, depending on where you live)? Whatever it means, the gear looked cool on a friend of mine, so I got a set for photos.First, I was surprised by the build of the pant. It feels sturdy, and the material is a bit thicker than most stuff out there today while still offering a lighter weight. Second, when I put it on, it was plenty roomy. I wear a 34 MX pant and a 33 street size. The waist fit perfectly and cinched up nicely, with a quick-release ratcheting belt and elastic keeping it snug.
Now, the good part for all you tall guys out there: I have never seen a pant with this much length in the crotch or in the legs. The lower cuff was down at my ankle even when I wore a knee brace. I was swimming in the pant, mostly from length, and there was no binding whatsoever in the knee. But once tucked into a good-fitting boot, the pant was just fine. I had some slim-waisted 6-foot-4-inch (or so) guys try the pant, and they were in heaven. I thought the loose-fitting crotch would be a problem, but it didn't slide around or bunch up at all, way less than some tighter-cut pants that don't fit around the waist as well as the So-Cal pant did. And the elastic strip across the back of the butt and the U-shaped strip attaching the front panels are well-thought-out to keep things free yet flow cooling air.Same goes for the entire elastic sidepanel. Internally, there is a netted mesh that didn't tangle and kept the seams away from your skin. The knee is protected by a Kevlar strip and didn't wear through in spite of my knee braces. Most mud washed right out instead of staining, even with large panels in white, but I haven't worn them when riding in red clay, so the white color might worry some mud fleas.The jersey is a standard polyester affair with sublimated colors. It is light and slightly vented, making it an all-season (at least in Southern California) wear. After a fair amount of use, it still held its color and looked good.The MSRP is $99.95 for the pant and $34.95 for the jersey. They are a darn good value and durable and look great.
—Jimmy Lewis