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We should all thank EVS for pioneering affordable knee protection for motocross and off-road riding. It was the first company to offer quality off-the-shelf knee braces that did not require a fat check and a custom-fitting session. Fortunately for moto enthusiasts, other brands have followed its lead and also offer much more-affordable knee braces. Because of this affordability, more of us can now consider the added protection. And with the introduction of the new Vision brace at just $250 per pair, EVS is pushing the price down even further.As with many of you who may now consider using braces, I was not a knee-brace wearer in the past. For that reason, I can only compare this set with standard knee pads offered by most apparel brands. Two things had kept me from buying knee braces. The first was cost, which was probably not smart since even expensive braces are much cheaper than knee surgery. Being a magazine bum, I didn't have to pay for this set, but at this price, I would be willing to give them a try even if I did. My second concern was that the bulkiness of most knee braces would interfere with my knees' ability to grip the bike. The Vision braces (available in S to XL) are not much larger than standard knee pads, and the pivots are relatively thin, so I decided to give them a shot.I now have about 15 days of riding with them at the motocross track and during long off-road rides in both very hot and cold weather. I can report that these braces are every bit as comfortable as any knee pad I have ever worn. I did not wear the under socks many knee-brace wearers choose, yet the braces were very comfortable and never left any marks or hot spots on my skin from chafing.The rubber material inside the brace that touches the skin gripped well and, combined with the anatomically correct pivot system, kept it from moving. By participating in some bike testing, I also was able to wear the braces while riding several different bikes, which gave me the opportunity to see if the braces would get caught on any of the bikes; they did not. Some of the more-expensive braces would probably provide greater knee protection with their additional gripping area and bulk. However, based on the price, comfort and increased protection the Vision braces provide when compared with traditional knee pads, there is no good reason not to step up to at least this level of knee protection.
—Sean Finley