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Have you ever had a dirt bike product that you could not live without? Well, that is how we feel about the Team Goggle Case from Scott. This handy little carrying case allows you to keep all your goggles and eyewear accessories in one place, which is especially nice for those who wear glasses but change to contacts when they ride. Keeping track of contact-solution cases and other items can be a hassle, not to mention the resulting disaster if you completely forget them on your way to the track.The case is made from a crush-resistant, padded neoprene, which means you can pretty much toss it around without damage, and it is water-resistant. The case can hold up to five pairs of goggles; the lid has several pockets for lenses, extra Roll Off's, etc.; and it even has a pocket big enough to carry contact supplies. Furthermore, it makes for a nice place to store your glasses while you are riding.We like the fact that the divider can be repositioned to form different compartments or can be completely removed if you choose to carry other big items. We do wish the case came in different sizes; because not everyone has five pairs of goggles, smaller sizes would allow it to slip into a gear bag a little easier. We also found the case's two elastic straps attaching the lid to the base annoying; we'd like it better without these straps, so you can open the lid 180 degrees. We did, however, like the elastic on each pocket of the lid, as they hold items nicely in place.The Team Goggle Case is like having a toolbox for your head gear—it makes keeping track of items much easier. The case comes only in black and sells for $24.95.DR Tested: 9.5Scott USA: See your local dealer; 800/292-5877; www.scottusa.com