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When it comes to mixed-lighting conditions, it is very difficult to pick just one lens that can handle it all. Enter light-sensitive lenses, which darken when exposed to bright light and clear when the environment darkens. The technology is not new, but finding it in goggles is still rare. Combining that feature with anti-fog treatment in an anti-UV and 1mm scratch-resistant lens is the new Progrip.Progrips are worn by pros such as Randy Hawkins, and the company has been updating the look in the last few years to match American tastes. We tried out the 3400 Gradient LS Gel-Fade since the idea of fog-free riding sounded ideal to us—not being able to see sort of defeats the purpose of wearing eye protection. With temps in the 80s to 90s during our recent outings, we had to wait until the sun dropped to find out how they performed in cooler environs. After fogging up in another brand, our tester came back with no problems with his visibility. The daytime riding was more a test of the sweat-absorption capabilities of the foam. The comfortable foam handled the waterworks fairly well on the slow and tight stuff in 90-degree heat with our testers' face on full waterfall setting. It also provided a great demonstration of the 3400's fit. Despite the large amount of dust we encountered on our rides, the seal and fit were good enough to keep out flying dirt.The LS lens with built-in tear-off posts can switch from sunny to dappled lighting conditions in four seconds. Problem is we noticed the posts more than the tinting switching back and forth as we went in and out of the shade. The lens offers sufficient tint to make life easy on the eyes. The only gripe we can muster is the large logo in the lower right corner of the lens reminds you you're wearing a Progrip. However, if those tear-off posts don't bother you, then this won't either. Our only other dislike was how hot the 3400 felt at low speeds. It could be low venting on the frame or just that the goggles' large footprint simply blocks more cooling air from reaching your face. That's the one thing we'd like to see improved.These are small grievances and not enough to dissuade us from recommending the $39.99 3400 Gradient LS Gel-Fade goggles, especially to habitual lens foggers who ride in varying lighting conditions.DR Tested: 8.5Progrip: Contact your local dealer; www.progrip.com