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We all wish we could be the fastest rider at the track. It's this quest that has flooded the marketplace with all kinds of riding-tip videos and instructional books. These self-help guides can be an easy way to learn the fundamentals of off-road riding and gain inside information from top pros. "You can spend hours practicing, but if you don't know what you're doing wrong, then you won't know how to improve," seven-time AMA supercross champion Jeremy McGrath says. "Just spinning a bunch of laps won't necessarily make you better."McGrath is now sharing his experiences in a new video collection titled Jeremy McGrath: Techniques of a Champion. Volume One covers the basics of bike setup, safety equipment, body position, cornering and jumping. Although Clutch Films insists this video is for riders of all skill levels, the main benefactors are beginners and novices; most intermediates and pros are way past the advice offered here. (There will be other videos in this series that will help those already blessed with some speed.)The 30-minute DVD explains the importance of the neutral riding position, how to grip with your knees, when to transition from standing to sitting in corners and where to look. McGrath also offers insight on some off-track ways to improve your skills. He explains how to make a "turn track" and how to use a cone to improve your cornering technique in flat turns.Overall, many people can benefit from this DVD, but results won't happen overnight. You need to watch the DVD several times, then think about what you learned every time you ride. Clutch Films has also thrown in a bunch of cool action from different eras of Showtime's career, stemming back to an epic session at Guy Cooper's house when MC was on Suzukis in 1997. By no means is this an extreme video; however, it can make you a smarter rider. Suggested retail is $24.95.DR Tested: 8.0Clutch Films: