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Did you know Fox Racing sells vented gear? If you haven't looked at its catalog or seen its ads, you may not realize this since Fox keeps the same styles and colors in vented gear as it does in its nonvented line. You have seen the gear, though, as Fox pro and amateur team riders wear the vented apparel from May through September. The beauty of sharing the same graphic design is that you can mix and match and still look stylish. For instance, you could wear a 360 pant and get an SFX Aero jersey for $39.95 to wear in hot weather, and the $29.95 HC with no venting or the $49.95 full-featured 02 jersey with some venting for cooler months. For our climate, the $149.95 Vented 360 Racepant could be a year-round choice, and we would select different jerseys for all seasons.But during the hot months, we have been extremely grateful for the vented gear. The Vented 360 pant does not offer the same venting level as the Moose Sahara or MSR vented pants. It is almost entirely constructed from vented materials. The 360 is vented in the front and inner-thigh area, below the knee and just below the waist in the rear. The rest of the pant is made from the same tough fabrics as the regular 360 pant. That makes it a durable and versatile pant capable of year-round wear, but not the coolest or the lightest pant available.The SFX Aero jersey is constructed from all vented material, and it flows a lot of air. It is comfortable on the hottest days, and even in the grip of summer we got a little chilled riding at high altitude. Like the 02 jersey, the SFX Aero has what Fox calls a "microcuff," a thin band of light elastic. It keeps the jersey down while still allowing cooling air to enter without gripping your skin. You won't be able to blame this jersey for your arm-pump! The Aero does have padded elbows and a long tail, so it stays tucked in. We really can't fault this jersey.The final part of the equation is the Matrix glove. The $24.95 Matrix is a super-light glove with almost no padding on the back, just vented material and a microcuff to hold it on. The palm has only one layer of material and no padding, besides a double layer of material at the inside of the thumb. Even the parts of the glove that don't rest on the grip are punched full of small vent holes! This is not a glove for long off-road days. It is a serious, narrowly focused hot-weather moto glove. Fox has plenty of glove choices if you want a more-padded glove, but when it is hot, the Matrix makes a difference.We've tested it before, so it isn't included here, but the Fox Airframe roost deflector is a great addition to the vented gear. It almost feels as though it isn't on, and it allows a lot of air to reach the vents in the jersey.At the track, the vented Fox gear worked great. Frankly, we always prefer vented gear when it is hot, and with the Fox vented gear we could ride noticeably longer before feeling the effects of the heat. Even after repeated wearing and washing, the gear looks great. The jersey shows a little wear on the front where the lower pad of the Airframe roost deflector rests on it, but the area is covered up by the protector. The stuff has been pretty grubby after a ride, but it cleans right up in the washing machine.We can unconditionally recommend the pant and jersey. The Matrix glove is not for riders with tender hands. But it is great for its intended use.**DR Tested:

Pants: 8.5 Jersey: 9.5 Gloves: 8.5

**Fox Racing: 888/772-2242; www.foxracing.com