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You can always count on factory parts fitting and working as they are supposed to, so the aftermarket must do things a little better to earn your business. There are several ways for aftermarket parts to succeed: They can perform better, last longer or be less costly, or they can be a complete kit that guarantees that one trip to the dealer is all that you will need. Some products fail at one or all of those strategies, while others do a great job. DP seems have covered all the bases with its new clutch kits.Each comes conveniently packaged in a compact plastic case containing a full set of metal and fiber plates plus a set of clutch springs. For the $169.95 Honda CRF250R kit we tested, the springs were stiffer than stock. During our testing, the clutches in the CRF250R and the CRF250X haven't been what we'd call bulletproof. Our experience is that the clutch that comes in the bike tends to go soft quickly, but after it has been replaced, it seems to last decently. In every instance, the metal plates were discolored and worn looking, and the micrometer revealed the fiber plates were of less than minimum thickness.Then we decided to try the DP clutch. It installed easily and caused no problems. Clutch pull was a shade heavier with the new springs, but engagement was smooth yet solid. In all, it offered everything that we like in a clutch. Right after the kit was installed, California experienced a bout of rain, and we spent a day in deep mud, slipping the clutch while paddling up rutted hills. The bike has seen a variety of riders of all skill levels, and the engagement is still crisp. This is a product we can recommend without hesitation. It offers reasonable pricing, package convenience and great performance and fit with a lengthy life span. Looks to us like a product that will be a success.DR Tested: 9.5DP Brakes: 716/681-8806; www.dp-brakes.com