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You probably don't think much about the "performance" of your gas can, but there is such a thing—and this is a high-performance gas can. Gas cans have not changed much over the years since plastic cans first became popular in the '80s. But now Hunsaker has built a better mousetrap with its QuikFill can.To begin with, it features a short, squatty design that helps keep it from falling over during travel. There is nothing more aggravating than having your gas can tip over in your truck, van or trailer and spill its contents all over your gear bag, floor or worse. Another great performance aid is its handle, which runs from the bottom of the can, extending upward another 10 inches. This gives plenty of leverage to control the can as you're filling your bike. That large handle also has a trick billet cap with a small rubber flip vent to allow it to double as the vent tube. You can either open the flip vent or completely remove the cap if you want to use it as a quick-fill can.The Hunsaker can dump 5 gallons in less than 10 seconds. The QuikFill comes with a clear, flexible filling tube, which eliminates the need for a funnel. That is not a new idea, but this one is oversized for speedier flow and mounts to the can with a machined billet cap that has a nice rubber sealing ring. This thing does not leak out of the cap, as do many gas cans with such tubes. Hunsaker recommends filling the can through the vent side, which will also reduce the chance of leakage since the filling-tube cap and seal will not be disrupted.
If you are looking for a better gas can that is easier to use, won't tip over and looks as trick as that titanium exhaust you want, the Hunsaker QuikFill will do the trick. The QuikFill is offered in a 5-gallon version for $59.95 and an 11-gallon version (good for long trips or personal watercraft) for $69.95.DR Tested: 9.0Hunsaker Manufacturing Co. Inc.: 805/650-0065;