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For years we have relied on CO2 cartridges to inflate tires on the trail. They all work, but we've come to prefer those with threaded tops, and we have used a compact clear-plastic fitting to connect the cartridges to the valve stem. Everything was good until we saw the Genuine Innovations $29.99 tire inflation and repair kit, which went into our truck immediately. It includes sandpaper, patches, glue, plugs for tubeless tires and a tool to install them. Naturally, there are CO2 cartridges, but it was the very cool billet adapter to attach the cartridges to the stem that sold us. You simply screw the cartridge into the adapter. It loses no pressure, and you just push the adapter over the stem. When you slide the cartridge down, it releases the gas into the stem. Simple, reliable, small and light—just as we like. The kit comes with a handy, well-organized carrying pouch, and we haul it everywhere. It stays in the truck, unless parts are with us on the trail in our fanny pack. We can easily recommend the whole kit, but the billet cartridge adapter alone is worth the price of admission.DR Tested: 9.0Genuine Innovations: 800/340-1050; www.innovationsaz.com