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New to the motocross world is Utopia Optics. As a new goggle manufacturer, Utopia paid attention to detail with its new Dirty goggle. With a retail price of $44.95, the goggle features one of the best no-sweat foam systems we have ever tested. It uses a triple layer of foam that seals to your face and is designed to soak up all moisture from the protected area. On a hot day it's hard not to sweat out a pair of goggles in a short time, but we came away impressed with the Utopia model. Even though we did experience a bit of sweat drip, the tri-foam holds true. The goggle also features an anti-fog lens that offers 100 percent UVA/UVB protection and actually works. Our test was conducted in the rain, and we experienced no fogging. The goggle also features a simple tear off system. The tear offs are easy to mount and are just a tad thicker than other manufacturers'. However, the thickness makes it easier to pull in the heat of battle. Available in black, blue fade, clear, red fade and white.DR Tested: 9.0Utopia: 323/936-4500; www.utopiaoptics.com