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Most big-bore four-strokes don't need a lot of work to be competitive in the world of motocross. Simply dial in the jetting, set the shock ride height, adjust the controls and you're good to go. And when people do think of making major changes, they look at suspension first, long before they consider bumping up horsepower and torque. Fact is, most engine mods are designed out of want rather than need, and function isn't always as important as appearance. Let's face it—we all know people who have spent a lot of money on ego, even though it didn't affect their overall riding experience. Fortunately, there are a few products that look cool and actually perform.One of these is Pro Circuit's Ti-4 Titanium exhaust for the Honda CRF450R. It's lightweight, looks trick and is purpose-built for one bike and one bike only. There aren't any universal brackets or extra pieces to lose. There's simply a titanium header and a silencer, and the system uses all the stock Honda hardware.The Ti-4 is also 100 percent headache-free from the moment you pull it out of the box. The fit is perfect, and it doesn't require any muscle or manipulation during installation. In fact, it took us only six minutes to yank off the stock exhaust and install the Ti-4 system.The exhaust made a very noticeable power difference and opened up the motor from bottom to top. Off-idle hit is strong and immediate and doesn't take away from the rider-friendly feel. The Ti-4 really allows the bike to rev and pull each gear further than stock, ultimately resulting in less shifting. And for those who are really looking to dial in their machine, it is completely tunable by simply changing the end-cap, which requires only a simple Allen wrench. The tuning feature makes only a little difference, but still it's one more thing that helps tailor the bike to your style. The complete system isn't cheap, as it'll take the shirt off your back—it's $749.95, but that's average for a titanium performance exhaust.DR Tested: 8.0Pro Circuit: 909/738-8050; www.procircuit.com