G2 Throttle Tamer Tube



I’ve never been shy about saying that fuel-injected KTM 500 EXCs are very abrupt right off idle. Yes, fuel injection is awesome, but with 500cc of highly tuned engine under foot, negotiating a rough trail while standing can cause the bars to jerk and the right hand to inadvertently twist the throttle a hair more than desired, causing the 500 to jump forward with a burst of unwanted and unplanned-for power. The G2 Throttle Tamer incorporates a nonlinear ratio between hand throttle rotation and throttle body opening (or carburetor slide opening if that is what you are using), meaning the cam on the Tamer requires a slightly farther rotation initially to achieve the same throttle body opening position, as compared to a stock throttle tube. Once you reach around half rotation of the Tamer it ramps up to achieve full throttle opening at approximately the same amount of twist as a stock throttle tube.

The Tamer is machined from 6061 aluminum right here in the USA and uses self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of the tube. This takes away any aluminum-to-aluminum contact and makes the G2 tube turn effortlessly. If you like your stock throttle tube pull but want the ultimate in smooth rotation, G2 makes throttle tubes with your bike’s stock ratio pull as well. The Tamer fits inside the stock throttle housing, uses the stock cables, and installs in just a few minutes. For those who run full-wrap hand guards the end cap is easily removable.

After a few hundred miles of using the G2 Tamer Tube on the 2014 KTM 500 EXC, I really like what it does to the power delivery right off idle. Installing the Tamer is like remapping the ECU for a mellower initial power delivery (which you can't do on a 500 EXC). In stock trim, navigating rocky or slippery terrain requires a surgeon's touch on the throttle to not spin the rear wheel. The G2 Tamer allows easier control of the power, helping to save energy and keep rear wheel traction. The downfall to the Tamer is you have to rotate the throttle tube farther initially to get strong, snappy off-idle power, so if you love the hit from your bike, the Tamer is not what you are looking for. I preferred the stock throttle tube only in deep sand where instant bursts of power help keep the wheels on top of the sand. I prefer the G2 Tamer to the stock throttle tube 93 percent of the time, and I love how smoothly it rotates. It is not only for off-road bikes, they work on those big, fast 450cc motocross machines as well. G2 also makes a throttle tube that increases throttle cable pull for those 125 riders who want wide open without a lot of right wrist rotation. —Adam Booth

Rated             93

Installation        19/20

Function                48/50

Durability            9/10

Design                     9/10

Price                        8/10

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