DR Tested: Daystar MX Fork Armor

There have been a lot of takes on fork guards and Daystar has a very interesting one out now. This rubber "wrap" lays on the fork leg and attaches across the back with O-ring type rubber bands. Instillation takes just minutes and the design or look was a love it or hate it affair with most. There are seven different colors and a clear version to choose from. The shape is part of the styling yet it is also the biggest disadvantage for the cover as it leaves slight open spots where frontal damage can occur, the whole reason you'd be running the guard in the first place. The guard protects the majority of the front of the tube with a thermoplastic elastomer that lays on the tube and acts as a rubber bumper and weighs almost nothing. For motocross and roost protection I feel they do a great job for the light to medium roost hits common on the track, the kind that nicks at the surface of the fork leg. It would take a significantly giant rock hit to surpass the protection offered yet here would not likely be as effective as a carbon guard would be. But all-in-all you'll be way better than the thick sticker than many chose to use. For off road, where a lot of the damage may not come from the front (remember sliding backwards down the rock shoot?) the guard leaves a lot of opening on the back and side of the leg and pesky brush and branches while moving in the backwards direction can have a tearing effect on the rubber bands. Ours came with two sets of bands for differing sizes of forks and the bands lasted a full year without succumbing to the elements. We never lost one. The guard stayed looking new and cleaned up easily. For motocross and to add color to and protection your ride, I think they are a solid product, yet some staffers were appalled solely by the appearance. At $19.95 the guard is cheap effective insurance.—Jimmy Lewis


Hard Parts MAX
Installation 20/20
Function 44/50
Durability 8/10
Design 9/10
Price 9/10
Total= 90/100