Bad Luck Strikes the RM-Z450 - Dirt Rider Magazine

I would love to sit here and tell how much I have been riding the 2011 RM-Z450-shredding berms, scrubbing jumps and throwing huge whips off kickers. But unfortunately, that's not how the story goes. Here's the real deal:

Every time I do maintenance, it gets logged into my little book. Oil changes, filter changes, chain adjustments, everything. Well, at 39.2 hours the RM-Z got its last maintenance (oil and filter change). At 42.5 hours she skidded to a stop. Not due to the Suzuki, but do to its trusty mechanic/ rider-ME! As I sat there puzzled beside the track wondering what it could be the last thing I thought of was owner/ operator/ mechanical error. I packed up the Yellow beast and headed back home with literally less than half a lap completed for the day. Dejected on the day's events I was pondering the thought of some binge eating at McDonalds but decided to send an email to the boys at Dirt Rider about what happened.

I received an email later that day stating to "Come down to the shop and open the motor up". I went down to the Dirt Rider offices later that week and Jimmy Lewis and I opened the motor up. "The cams look somewhat dry" Jimmy noted. I soon felt a rush over me like I was 14 again and I just did something I wasn't supposed to! Well, to my surprise, Jimmy was right. The bike was starving for oil because the operator (me again) must have forgotten to add oil after that trusty oil drain at hour number 39.2! I'm not claiming to be a great mechanic but usually I have my head screwed on enough to remember to add oil after draining it. Well, on that fateful day my head must have been stuck up somewhere I will not discuss and I proceeded to tighten the drain bolts, gas the bike up and go for a ride. Or should I say rides? That's right, folks-the bike lasted 3.3 hours without little or NO oil at all! Amazing.So look for an upcoming article on what parts are being replaced and the cost of such a catastrophe, just in case you had one of those days like I did. I am looking forward to redeeming myself and getting back on the Suzuki 450 for many more hours of moto time! The bike has been nothing but fun to ride and I'm anxious to get back out on the track!