All-Around Fun with the 2011 KTM 250 XC - Dirt Rider Magazine

I received the KTM 250 XC for the 2010 Tecate Enduro and have somehow managed to keep it in my grasp for the last few months. Why should I be surprised? Well, this bike does everything... and it does everything really well. From moto to trails to pretty much anything you can ride over, this is the bike to do it all. Even though I have spent most of my life riding moto, the 250 XC now has me leaning more towards enduro.Now if you are expecting to see a list of broken and replaced parts, then I suggest looking at another bike because as of no, keeping the oil fresh, the air filters clean and meat on the rims have been the only requirements. I even goon-looped this baby out and I can tell you that KTM has the strongest rear fender I have ever seen. It folded right back to standard form and you would never guess that it had been scorpioned straight up.After spending some time on this 250, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do to it, and to be honest I was having a really hard time deciding. This is such a solid machine and I couldn't find anything wrong with it. I was more than happy with the stock form and I didn't want to mess it up. Since I am still pretty new to the whole enduro deal, I decided to take some advice from Jimmy and put in the latest auto-clutch from Rekluse.

The new Rekluse EXP Clutch works awesome and makes this bike impossible to stall. It did take just a bit of the hit away, but that just means more traction. And it can still be livened up with just a dab at the clutch lever. The most impressive part, though, is that the stock basket, pressure plate and cover are all used. No more added parts and you can dazzle your buddies by making them think it's all skill and has nothing to do with that auto-clutch hidden beneath the stock clutch cover.As for the future, I might put on an aftermarket exhaust to regain some of the hit the auto-clutch took away. This bike just runs so darn good though, so I don't know, we'll see, maybe when I smash the stock one. If you have any suggestions on how to modify this already stellar machine, please post a comment below!