A Year With The 2009 KTM 125 SX - Dirt Rider Magazine

The fascination with 125cc MX bikes is alive and well at Dirt Rider due to one reason: We ride for fun. As much as it's our job, anytime we can we make it as enjoyable as possible, we do; racing around tracks on screaming 125s is a case in point. The KTM 125 SX has been a perfect companion all year long. Although it hasn't changed much in modifications or maintenance since we last updated it (August '09) it has been running strong and making smiles everywhere we've ridden and raced it. From the L.A. Sleeve Two-Stroke Invitational at the Glen Helen Outdoor National to the Monster Energy Crossover Challenge at the Hangtown National and quite a few in-between places as well. Upgrades since then have included a switch to a Twin Air filter kit that boasts an improved (and a less confusing and more secure) filter cage and its matching filter. It easily has another 15 hours on the engine since a rebuild (all the time running full steam with a fat guy on it!), and the piston still looks fresh and the bike is running strong. It is so nice to be able to see the condition of the piston up through the exhaust port! Plus, it gets about double the tire life even compared to a 250F, and the chain and sprockets still look fresh. I am seriously considering buying this bike before I have to give it back (anyone want to buy a 2001 Yamaha YZ144 so I can afford this KTM?), especially since this will be the last year of the 125 for KTM; all small-bores will now be 150s from 2010 on.www.twinairusa.com