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You know the old saying, "When opportunity knocks, answer it"? I was recently provided with one of those moments-the chance to ride Gavin Gracyk's 2007 Honda CRF450R on the MXoN track at Budds Creek the day after the race. Having ridden Honda CRF450Rs since their introduction in '02, I can honestly say I'm a Honda loyalist, so I couldn't wait to throw a leg over the No. 273 machine.Gracyk piloted the Dave Derosier-tuned bike to a remarkable ninth overall and top privateer in the motocross class in 2007's AMA Nationals. Other highlights were a fourth in one moto and two holeshot awards. Right out of the gate the bike had strong pull through the midrange and all the way to the top with good overrev. Throttle response was instantaneous! Still, I was surprised at how smooth the power delivery was. I expected a National bike to rip my arms off, but that wouldn't be very productive for a long, rough moto, would it?The man behind the machine, Derosier, spent countless hours fine-tuning the engine. Working with a very small budget is a challenge in itself, but building a competitive motor on one is another thing all together. Dave developed his own cam and motor specs, and the end result is a fantastic combination of horsepower and reliability. Gracyk went the entire season without a single mechanical failure.The Budds Creek Motocross Park track was hammered after the MXoN. No pictures or videos can accurately illustrate just how brutal the track really became. With that in mind I feared the worst. Interestingly, Gavin's bike was equipped with a Fox Racing Shox instead of the stock Showa unit. The guys at Fox provided excellent support for the team and sent a technician to the last six rounds to ensure Gavin's success. So how did the bike feel and handle? Better than I thought considering I weigh 200 pounds compared to Gracyk's 155. The shock felt very smooth, and even the most intimidating square-edged bumps seemed to be diminished. The bike tracked straight through the ruts and maintained excellent traction. The fork was on loan from Factory Connection for the season. It is the 49mm A Kit unit. One word describes the fork action: Awesome! It was equal to the shock in plushness with no harshness felt at all. Even the largest of braking bumps were no problem. Steering input was minimal and cornering was predictable. The fork inspired such confidence that I quickly developed an elaborate plan on how I was going to sneak it off the bike and take it with me. Wishful thinking ...I felt right at home on this bike from the moment I sat on it to have the sag measured. It felt a lot like my own machine but with a little more of everything everywhere!This is a true pro's bike that a vet intermediate can appreciate and aspire to attain via his local dealer. Derosier claims that almost everything on the bike is readily available through Hutch Motorsports.One object on this bike that could not be seen or purchased, but definitely felt, was the teamwork and dedication of the people involved in getting Gavin to the races. Derosier, Dave Hutchins (Hutch Motorsports), Ryan Longstreth (Cycra), Todd Brown (Factory Connection), Neezer (Fox Racing Shox) and Danny Paladino and Steve Lamson (MDK) all made it happen. If it weren't for these people, the bike wouldn't have been as choice as it was, Gavin surely wouldn't have had the season that he did, and I wouldn't have had this Dream Ride opportunity.Gavin Gracyk's 2007 Honda CRF450R
Hutch Motorsports:
D&D; cylinder and head mods
D&D; camshaft custom grind
D&D; carb mod
D&D; heavy-duty clutch springsMDK Racing:
Engine vent kitWiseco:
High-compression piston
Clutch components
Clutch coverFMF Racing:
MegaBomb exhaust systemMT Racing:
Vortex x10 ignition custom curveMotorex:
10w40 synthetic engine oil
10w50 synthetic transmission oilTwin Air:
Air filters
Oil filtersWorks Connection:
Clutch lever and perch
Glide plate and engine guards
Holeshot deviceLightSpeed Performance Products:
Factory titanium footpegsBraking USA:
270mm front wave rotor
Rear wave rotorRK Excel America:
Excel A60 rims front and rear (East Coast wheels)RK MXZ3 chain
Pirelli Tire:
Various, depending on conditionsCycra Racing:
PlasticsICW Bikestands and Radiators:
Oil coolerRenthal:
Bar, sprockets and gripsRG3 Suspension:
Upper and lower triple clampsHammerhead Designs:
Shifter and rear brake leverOne Industries:
GraphicsFactory Connection:
49mm A Kit forkFox Racing Shox:
Custom-built shock (NA to the public)

Fox rep Warren Johnson (can you tell?) quickly came to grips (albeit with red gloves) with the top privateer machine.
Dub-J throws down some dream laps on a dream ride.
Custom cam and motor specs make strong, clean power.
Custom-built power that lasts! And no, it\'s not a cheater bike.
Cycra makes the ultimate in trick plastic, plus they support privateers.
Fox Racing Shox brought its strong product and support to the Gracyk team.